Monday, October 11, 2010

Baja: A Classic Tale

Just returned from a 40 hour mission of no sleep and tons of grins in Baja with my great friend Greg Stahl. We were aboard two 1980 Suzuki DR400's, one of which my dad rode in Baja 27 years prior. It was a classic journey of tacos, topographic maps, GPS's, tents, backpacks, music, moto vans, beer, lobster and some of the most epic coastal riding around. Here's the story in pictures...

1 am taco stop

4 am, 20 miles down a dirt road and navigating

7 am wake up call in the moto van

Time to start the ride

Quick break at the van

Piss break on the beachfront

More navigation in an abandoned fish camp

Me more stoked than ever

A concrete factory we came across

Ditching the van and loading up the packs for a motorcycle backpacking mission

Living the dream

Pure freedom


Staying on track with rolls of topographic maps

Sweeping turns at dusk

End of the road

Setting up a 10 hour time lapse

Moto camp...Nobody for miles

Classic Baja

Adventure awaits

Curious donkeys

Traveling the expanse

Mission complete