Sunday, May 2, 2010

Behind the Lens: The Checklist

When I'm scouting a location I try to cover as much ground as possible with a minimum amount of gear. If I can see everything at once it let's me know exactly what I have and don't have. Don't forget the tortillas! Mount Rainier - Washington

Today's Shot 307

Greg Stahl checking the surf - Baja

Photographer Note: Nobody in sight and one of the best places to wake up and enjoy the solitude. I have to admit that being able to roll out of your tent, grab your surfboard and hit the water is my type of lifestyle.

Today's Shot 306

Doug Nurock celebrating the photography gathering in Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming

Photographer Note: I was shooting with some of my favorite photographers when I took this picture. It's always great to see the energy of other photographers. This is how I feel when I take a picture that meets all of my expectations.