Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today's Shot 311

Master carpenter Gustaf Rooth in the process of renovating his new workspace/house/studio - San Diego

Photographer Note: According to Rooth, his professional goal is to become one of the most recognized and respected artisans to arise from both Sweden and San Diego, California. He'd like to be known as an environmentally conscious furniture maker/designer through the recent works of making furnishings and home decor using spent wine barrels.

Behind the Lens: The Newspaper

Photo: Jason Halley

Here I am photographing a person who drove their car off a cliff in an apparent suicide attempt. When I made the decision to leave the newspaper business I had my reasons. Looking back, I think one of the biggest reasons I moved on from mainstream media was due to the fact that much of the documentation concerned things I didn't want to be photographing. On the contrary, news documentation taught me everything I know about how to tell a story in pictures.

Today's Shot 310

Climbers stretching out and starting the morning - Black Mountain, California

Photographer Note: I was photographing another group of climbers when I took this picture. I woke up early and captured this image of our neighbors starting their morning. It's one of those classic moments that every climber can relate to.