Thursday, May 13, 2010

Behind the Lens: The Last Free Place

Here I am hanging out in Slab City, a vagabond headquarters in the southern California desert. It's considered by many to be the last free place for travelers to occupy in the United States. The town was featured in the movie Into the Wild and has been a sanctuary for trampers who live the travel lifestyle with minimal funds. Here I am at the music stage better known as The Range.

Today's Shot 313

From left, Brett and "Possum" trying to hitch a ride out of Niland, California.

Photographer Note: This was one of the first photographs I took while traveling last week. I couldn't believe that I was able to get the U.S. Border Patrol vehicle in the moment. Brett is from Pennsylvania and has been tramping for several months. "Possum" dropped out of college to travel and is known for creative signs and hopping freight trains. "It's time to get the hell out of California," Possum says.