Saturday, May 15, 2010

Behind the Lens: The Life Behind the Lens

Very rarely do I know what I will be photographing when I go into the field. I'm looking for people who follow their passion and create a lifestyle around that passion. The skill for my style of photography depends on how I ask questions, where I go, and my ability to approach anyone with my camera. I show my lifestyle so that people can see how I live and what I do to get my pictures. Here I am writing down location notes near Bishop, California.

Today's Shot 315

Don Shoemacker taking a rest day at the hot springs. He has been traveling on foot throughout the United States for 17 years - Bridgeport, California

Photographer Note: Don was a well educated man who spoke with tact and generosity. He has two children, been married twice and used to be a nurse before trading in the scrubs for a life of freedom. "I wanted to see what it was like to have nothing," he told me. We both learned a lot from each other as we talked about our lives throughout the day. When I said goodbye, he told me, "I really like talking to people like you and I really needed it." Moments later, Shoemacker glanced back at me and slowly vanished into the forest to live the life he chose. It was one of those experiences that I will never forget.

Shoemacker sharing stories after I asked him, " Tell me a story."