Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's Shot 317

Leonard Knight has lived his own life and followed his passion with the creation of Salvation Mountain.

Knight's artistic obsession

I cannot express the amount of energy, passion and love Knight has for all people.

Leonard and I talked about a lot of things from the tailgate of a nearby truck. He has slept in the bed of an old 1930's truck for 18 years.

Photographer Note: Most people show up and photograph Leonard Knight because they saw the movie Into the Wild. I saw him as a man who followed his dream. He spoke to me with a passion and wisdom that I will never forget. To me he is a man who believes in what he has created. He is a man who has followed his calling.

Today's Shot 316

A note encouraging people to go look for a rattlesnake - Joshua Tree National Park

Photographer Note: For the person who wrote this note, you get a sarcastic thank you. You probably encouraged more people to go look for the snake than anything. I can just see it now... I got bit by a rattlesnake because I saw this note, found the snake and started playing with it. Once again, thank you for your concern.