Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's Shot 328

Greg Stahl making the pass after 200 miles on foot - Pacific Crest Trail, California

Photographer Note: It's more fun to be in places when you work hard to get there. The beauty of documenting expeditions is the fact that you are working hard and being creative at the same time. I appreciate the times when my lungs are maxed, my knees are shaking, and I'm still running around looking for pictures. I feel like I put in a hard day at the office.

Behind the Lens: The Price of Admission

When I'm on the road I'm usually roughing it. I remember I called my mom and said, "I think I may try and live in Colorado for a little bit." I spent two weeks living next to this stream on Independence Pass and worked odd jobs in Aspen. This is how I showered before pulling into the driveway of a 10 million dollar house to landscape alongside migrant farm workers. Several days after this, I found out I would be on the cover of a national magazine.