Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Shot 331

Curtis Major and Kasey Hofer suspending a line for a bear bag hang after replenishing the food supply at Muir Ranch - John Muir Trail, California

The final product and 12 days of food safe from bears.

Photographer Note: We haven't lost our food to a bear and I want to keep that record going. It's tough to get everything in the bear canister when you are doing limited food drops in the backcountry. The only safe alternative is to suspend it from a tree.

Today's Shot 330

Curtis Major relaxing in the Eastern Sierra - California

Photographer Note: When you photograph the lifestyle of a traveler you look for pivotal moments that tell it like it is. We have our share of hard times, but most of it is exactly how you see it. If you are crafty and have an absolute drive to experience life, then this is how you will live. Welcome to life off the leash.