Friday, June 4, 2010

Behind the Lens: The Backcountry Dog Sitter

I've done more random jobs than a temp agency could get their hands on. Bubba the yellow lab and I roamed around Red Rocks, Nevada while his climbing owners were out sending multi-pitch routes. I earned a delicious 5-star meal, top shelf margaritas and made two new friends in the process.

Today's Shot 337

Kasey Hofer stretching out and starting the day - Garnet Lake, California

Photographer Note: Most photographers will get this question several hundred times per year. "What's your favorite photograph you've ever taken?" My favorite pictures are the ones of my friends living the life. The amount of jokes and laughter going on behind the scenes is absolutely hysterical. This is a perfect example.

Today's Shot 336

Greg Stahl and I planning the ultimate Baja journey involving these abandoned fishing camps - Not Telling, Baja

Photographer Note: When Greg and I travel in Baja he is thinking about his future. He and his wife Stephanie are the original Baja crew. When we are out exploring the Mexican outback, they are looking for real estate, planning the lifestyle and wondering what's possible. This isn't a vacation, it's a journey to find the ideal location to set up shop. Baja.....the crew is rolling strong.