Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's Shot 344

Greg and Stephanie Stahl watching the sun go down in Joshua Tree - California

Photographer Note: When a climbing crash pad seems like a hotel room, you know you've been around the block. It's not about nice clothes, ordering room service, driving a flashy car or an elaborate job title. It comes down to being around people who can turn an idea into reality based purely on life experience. The amount of money funding a project becomes only a minor detail.

Today's Shot 343

Greg Stahl swapping out a flat front tire deep in the Mexican outback.

Photographer Note: The roads were bad the year I took this photograph. Fixing a flat is a minor repair but if something goes wrong you are dead in the water. We tend to crack jokes until the problem is solved. As soon as the problems start happening the camera starts rolling.

Today's Shot 342

Curtis Major and I battling it out with a stack of 52 and a couple brews- Yosemite, California

Photographer Note: You know a place is special when people travel from all over the world to see it, but it's a little much during peak season. There are so many people buzzing around that you feel like you are playing cards in a Las Vegas casino. Major and I chose to turn up the raggae music to drown out the commotion.