Friday, June 11, 2010

Behind the Lens: The Guide

Here I am guiding great friend Cory Lashell up the Mountaineer's Route and topping out at 14,500 feet on Mount Whitney. This mountain has a lot of meaning to me. My grandmother died while I was atop the summit. I took her picture to the top and showed her the amazing view the following year. I'm not a crazy adventurer with superb technical skills but my trips have a certain spirit to them. That's what I want to be known for.

Today's Shot 345

Clay Buddington reading Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire and enjoying the evening along the Pacific Crest Trail - San Diego

Photographer Note: The trail goes from Mexico to Canada and is 2600 miles long. It's nice to be able to hop in the car and be on the infamous "trekking highway" within 45 minutes of downtown San Diego. I'll do it one day and figure out a way to document it like it's never been done before.